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Dom Pérignon

Dom Perignon Vintage Rosé 2008 Limited Edition Lady Gaga Bottle (0.75L) | Box

Dom Perignon Rosé Vintage 2008 Limited Edition Lady Gaga marks the meeting of two creative visions: Lady Gaga, an artist in constant reinvention, and Dom Perignon, questioning the boundaries of creation with each vintage.

In each vintage, Dom Pérignon plays on the contrast between its timeless ideal and the personality of the year, the dialogue between freshness and maturity. These contrasts and complementarities are embodied in a limited edition with a singular design.

Developed over nearly twelve years of slow, controlled transformation in the cellar, Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008 is intense and spontaneous, clear and obscure, magnetic: it opens up uncharted territory for a rosé champagne.


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    When Dom Pérignon becomes a rosé, it is in the name of audacity: the audacity to break free from the conventions of champagne production, to constantly push back the limits of creation. Dom Pérignon Rosé captures the red of Pinot Noir in its original brilliance and captures its complexity in a bold and assertive blend. Tamed during nearly twelve years of slow and controlled transformation in the cellar, Dom Pérignon Rosé reveals itself to be racy, clear and obscure, magnetic. Presented in its luxurious box, Dom Perignon Rosé Vintage 2008 Limited Edition Lady Gaga is the perfect gift idea.
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    The 2008 vintage: Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008 is a singular year in a sunny decade with an insolent generosity. With grey and cloudy skies, the spring and summer of 2008 were marked not only by a lack of light but also of heat. Miraculously, the full sun and the September winds will make the vintage. Well beyond expectations, the maturity is revealed in an unprecedented balance, high up. The bouquet opens instantly on raspberry, then notes of violet mingle with the fruit before appearing more green nuances close to angelica. On the palate, the structure of the pinot noir wraps itself in the acidic framework, signature of the vintage, reveals the heart of the wine and prolongs its finish in a perfume of peony and white pepper.
    To the eye

    On the nose

    The bouquet opens instantly on raspberry and wild strawberry. Powdery notes of iris and violet quickly mingle with the fruit and take hold. With the breath we finally see the appearance of greener nuances, close to privet, angelica and camphor leaf.

    In the mouth

    The first sensations are tactile, fleshy, silky. They unfold, like a caress that gradually becomes firmer. The acidic framework, signature of the vintage, wraps itself in the structure of the pinot and makes the heart of the wine vibrate. The finish asserts itself and persists in a perfume of peony and white pepper.

    Food & champagne pairings

    To highlight the rich and mellow textures that are the strength of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008, pair it with authentic southern European dishes, typical of Italian, Spanish or French gastronomy.

    Ideal operating temperature

    To appreciate all its finesse and aromas, champagne should be enjoyed chilled (but not iced). Depending on the cuvée, the ideal serving temperature is between 8 and 12°C.

    Potential of keeping

    Like all wines, champagne can be kept for varying lengths of time, depending on the type. Under optimal storage conditions, champagne can be kept for 1 to 2 years for Brut cuvées, and up to 4/5 years or even longer for vintage and prestige champagnes. Whatever happens, rest assured that you'll never be able to open your champagne too early, as the Champagne Houses only release their cuvées when they have reached perfect ripeness and are ready for immediate consumption.

    Assembly :
    Pinot Noir, Chardonnay.
    Vinification :
    To express all the facets of Pinot Noir, Dom Pérignon explores the greatest terroirs of Champagne. On the southern slopes, the early maturity of the pinot noir is expressed by power in Aÿ and by elegance in Hautvillers. In the cooler climate of Bouzy, its fruit vibrates in a fragile balance difficult to capture. To pay tribute to it, we must, regardless of the terroir, look for the perfect harvest window, the one that will give us the color and fruit we want without excess tannins.
    The commitment to Pinot Noir continues during the winemaking process: Pinot Noir is vinified as a red wine, no bleeding or skin maceration.
    Blending offers the freedom to choose the wines, gives the time to project. Experiment, create. The red of the Pinot Noir invites itself in the game of complements and opposites of the white and the black. It knows no limits: it reflects the journey over an entire season in a specific vintage. The balance of the blend has to be shifted according to the new contours of the wine where Chardonnay pays tribute to the glory of Pinot Noir.
    The 10 years of maturation in cellars on the lees protect the red Pinot Noir to finally reveal it: enthusiastic, unpredictable, mysterious.

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