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Dom Pérignon

Vintage 2013 Bottle (0.75L) | Naked Bottle

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 revives the past of late vintages. This exception – after two decades of early harvests interrupted by the 2004 vintage – sheds light on one of the fundamental aspects of the creative process at Dom Pérignon: the consideration of the work of maturation time in the search for harmony. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 is an elegant and delicate champagne.


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    The vision of the Cellar Master, his mastery of the integration of the specificities of the year, led him to imagine and anticipate the effects of time. After a decade of maturation on the lees, the experience of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 is revealed: clean and obvious, a harmony of champagne sculpted by time, the tasting experience of an elegant and delicate champagne.

    Dom Pérignon has a creative ambition, that of the quest, constantly renewed, for the harmony of champagne. Its sensory values are deployed: precision, intensity, tactile, mineral, complexity, completeness, a way to hold the note.

    Every creative process has its constraints. For Dom Pérignon, it is the vintage. An absolute commitment to witnessing the harvest of a single year, no matter what the challenge, to the point of accepting not to declare the vintage.

    Time is in the Dom Pérignon equation. The time of an active maturation on lees, in the darkness of the cellars, each vintage reveals itself. For Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013, this slow metamorphosis required nearly ten years.

    <strong>Elegance and delicacy:</strong> The creation of the 2013 vintage reveals the play of resonances between Pinots Noirs and Chardonnays, acidity and roundness. Its precise, elegant and tactile bouquet deploys an aromatic, delicate flavor, around three nuances: that of citrus fruits, that of a more vegetable facet and finally that of spices. This precision reveals an elegance where the wine, after an airy attack, becomes more powerful.

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    2013, a late vintage:
    At the beginning of 2013, the vineyard was subjected to a cold and wet winter followed by a particularly rainy spring. From the beginning of its vegetative cycle, the vine is thus behind by fifteen days that it will never be able to catch up. The buds appear late, the flower does not bloom until the end of July and the formation of clusters is disturbed.
    These long months, constrained by excess water, were followed by one of the hottest and driest summers of the last two decades. Again, the metabolism of the vine is impaired. Until September brought more heavy rains and then easterly winds which preserved the sanitary state of the grapes until the harvest. At an exceptionally early date in the season, the harvest begins on September 28 and lasts until October 15. The tasting of the grapes reveals a promising balance between a nice roundness due to the summer conditions and an acidity characteristic of late vintages.
    Precise Pinots Noirs and remarkable Chardonnays: These two periods of excess water framing a period of drought did not have the same impact on the different terroirs. Benefiting for the most part from chalky soils, which act as a buffer against water, the vineyards of the Grand Crus and Premier Crus of Dom Pérignon have been spared.
    Thus, the Chardonnays of the Côte des Blancs bring this delicacy and this racy elegance, characteristic of the grape variety.
    More restrained, the Pinot Noirs from the Montagne de Reims bring precision and a form of elegance to the table with their acidity.
    of firmness.
    To the eye

    A champagne of a living light that sparkles with a thousand and one colors, arousing a wave of resplendent emotions.

    On the nose

    The nose is delicate and reveals itself by colored touches. The green of eucalyptus, mint and vetiver. The orange yellow of the mirabelle plum, apricot and orange blossom. The brown of pepper, cardamom and licorice stick. The silver of iodine and grilled.

    In the mouth

    The mouth is elegant, simple and precise. The attack is enveloping and airy. The wine's framework, fine, is amplified. The saline sensation carries the finish and reveals the coherence of the wine.

    Food & champagne pairings

    For this 2012 Dom Pérignon vintage, the perfect matches are: seafood, caviar, as well as leaner fish and white meat.

    Ideal operating temperature

    To appreciate all its finesse and aromas, champagne should be enjoyed chilled (but not iced). Depending on the cuvée, the ideal serving temperature is between 8 and 12°C.

    Potential of keeping

    Like all wines, champagne can be kept for varying lengths of time, depending on the type. Under optimal storage conditions, champagne can be kept for 1 to 2 years for Brut cuvées, and up to 4/5 years or even longer for vintage and prestige champagnes. Whatever happens, rest assured that you'll never be able to open your champagne too early, as the Champagne Houses only release their cuvées when they have reached perfect ripeness and are ready for immediate consumption.

    Assembly :
    Pinot Noir, Chardonnay.
    Vinification :
    Assembling and anticipating the effect of time: Vintage 2013 highlights the dual dimension of Dom Pérignon’s creative work. The first is the assembly of complements and opposites of 2013, which are roundness and acidity. The contribution of the creation is based on their resonance, in dialogue in order to reveal the balance of the different flavors. The chiseling of these contrasts precisely builds the perspective line of the 2013 assemblage.
    But this assembly also relies on another facet of creation: its deeply projective dimension. The creator of Dom Pérignon anticipates the work of maturation, evaluates the effect of time to come on the harmonization of the blend.
    Result. A blend that with nearly 10 years of maturation reveals the elegance and delicacy of this new Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013.

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