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Louis Roederer

Brut Nature Rosé 2015 by Philippe Starck Bottle (0.75L) | Box

The Louis Roederer Brut Nature Rosé 2015 by Philippe Starck cuvée, the fourth opus of the collaboration between the Champagne House and the famous designer, is offered a spectacular new vintage. Continental and sunny, the 2015 vintage offers explosive sap, magnificent concentration and great depth, playing on the codes of maturation with refinement.

“Brut Nature is a laboratory that allows Louis Roederer to push this living, this biodiversity to the utmost to see to what extent it could take over many of our practices.” Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Manager Champagne Louis Roederer

“The Brut Nature 2015 Rosé is a mental game, a unique sensory and sentimental experience where you drink colour, you drink pink. Tender and intimate, sparkling and powdery. It is a sunset champagne. Philippe Starck


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    The story of Brut Nature began more than ten years ago with a conversation between Frédéric Rouzaud, Chairman and CEO of Champagne Louis Roederer, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master, and the designer Philippe Starck. The lively and passionate exchange, which has now developed into a true friendship, laid the foundations for this minimalist cuvée that is bursting with life. This fourth opus expresses in its turn and in its own way, both singular and faithful to the fundamentals of Brut Nature, the very winegrower identity of a champagne wine that draws its authenticity and originality from a gesture that is as precise and incisive as it is free and emotional. This cuvée is the fruit of a new exploration of the Cumières terroir, this clay hillside facing the sun and bathed in all its light, and in particular of three contiguous plots – Les Pierreuses, Les Chèvres, Les Clos – formerly pasture land. The cold, clayey soils, which contrast with the chalky soil of the Champagne region, offer, in the warmest years, an ideal ripeness and a superior vibrancy, forming a nice contrast between the intensity of the fruit and the salinity characteristic of Brut Nature. Louis Roederer Brut Nature Rosé 2015 by Philippe Starck is a modern, mineral and upright wine, a perfect snapshot of its origin.
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    The 2015 vintage is the expression of a place, the black earth of Cumières. The clay slope of Cumières, facing the sun and bathed in all its light, is a blessed enclave where the grapes always have a particular perfume and richness. It is here, on this black soil on the banks of the Marne, that opulent, generous fruit with a great intensity of flavour has always blossomed. In warmer years, they always offer ideal ripeness and a superior vibration, forming a nice contrast between the intensity of the fruit and the salinity. 2015 is a continental year of full maturity, with explosive fruitiness and dense, concentrated textures. A spectacular vintage marked by a hot and sunny summer, with record temperatures and a radiant end to the season when the rain helped to slow down the ripening process. This cool finish produced juicy grapes with a particularly interesting vegetal sap. “On these plots of Les Chèvres, the black clay concentrated the matter and formed a nice contrast between the intensity of the fruit, its salinity and the vibrancy of the terroir,” emphasises the Cellar Master.
    To the eye

    Pink colour with bright and fresh reflections. Generous and slow effervescence.

    On the nose

    The bouquet is deep Pinot Noir, combining delicate citrus (blood oranges from Etna), red fruits (blackcurrant) and spices (hint of camphor). On aeration, the red fruits mingle with honeyed notes reminiscent of gingerbread.

    In the mouth

    The palate is enveloping, juicy, concentrated and fruity. The sunny fruit and sweet texture give the impression of biting into a perfectly ripe blackberry. Masterfully sensual balance thanks to the texture, the powdery matter that perfectly balances the zero dosage. Then come the slightly more spicy (camphor), smoky (smoky) and iodized notes that open the way to the Umami.

    Food & champagne pairings
    Ideal operating temperature

    To appreciate all its finesse and aromas, champagne should be enjoyed chilled (but not iced). Depending on the cuvée, the ideal serving temperature is between 8 and 12°C.

    Potential of keeping

    Like all wines, champagne can be kept for varying lengths of time, depending on the type. Under optimal storage conditions, champagne can be kept for 1 to 2 years for Brut cuvées, and up to 4/5 years or even longer for vintage and prestige champagnes. Whatever happens, rest assured that you'll never be able to open your champagne too early, as the Champagne Houses only release their cuvées when they have reached perfect ripeness and are ready for immediate consumption.

    Assembly :
    Infusion of Pinot Noir for 5 days, then addition of the field blend* in juice: 20% infused Pinot Noir + 80% Brut Nature Blanc juice. Co-fermentation with a final distribution of : 50% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay, 13% Meunier. *Complantation of the 3 grape varieties
    Vinification :
    From the vineyard of “La Rivière”.

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