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Louis Roederer

Collection 243 Bottle (0.75L) | Naked Bottle

The Louis Roederer Collection 243 is the 243rd blend of the House since its creation in 1776. Symbolising the freedom of the Louis Roederer style, each number of Collection is a “step aside”, a new chapter in the House’s universe of taste: each time singular, but always representative of the House.

Deep and powerful, Collection 243 is a winey, textured champagne with a dense mouthfeel. The fleshy material of the Pinot Noir is very present, giving the sensation of a crunchy fruit.


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    Louis Roederer Collection “It was a desire for freedom, to push the quality of our multi-vintage blends even further, that led us to take a new approach: the creation of Collection, a living champagne, more contemporary than ever!” Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master The Louis Roederer Collection 243 cuvée – which represents the 243rd blend of the House since its creation in 1776 – is born from the best successes of the 2018 harvest, a masterful year, combined with the freshness and complexity of a “Réserve Perpétuelle” created in 2012 and a large selection of reserve wines matured in French oak tuns. It is fully in keeping with the Louis Roederer taste, while expressing an absolute singularity, a personality all its own, resulting from the unique alchemy of this blend, which is reinvented each year. A multi-vintage Champagne, each Collection blend has its own identity and nuances, which reveal themselves over time. Each blend is associated with a number indicated on the labels, so that its differences and consistency can be appreciated. The Collection number also allows wine lovers to keep and choose their wine according to the degree of youth or maturity they desire and appreciate, or to collect it.
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    A blend reflecting the historical origins of the House, in the continuity of the founding vision of the House: 1/3 Vineyard of “La Rivière” 1/3 Vineyard of “La Montagne” 1/3 Vineyard of “La Côte
    To the eye

    Bright gold colour with shimmering reflections. Fine and dynamic effervescence prolonged by a very persistent string bubble.

    On the nose

    Immediate bouquet, both full and fresh. A basket of ripe but delicate fruits where we find with precision the yellow fruits (mirabelle plum) of the Pinot noir and the sweet citrus fruits (lemon pie), the perfumes of delicate white flowers (jasmine) of the Chardonnay. After a few minutes, the autolysis notes appear in the form of smoke and lightly toasted pastry.

    In the mouth

    Dense and deep on the palate, with a rich and structured structure. The texture is bewitching as the fleshy material of the Pinot noir de la Montagne undulates in the mouth and is prolonged by an immense saline freshness and a hint of bitterness. The simultaneous impression of strength, richness and power of the masterfully matured Pinot Noir is deliciously balanced by the freshness of the limestone and the density of the Chardonnay that dominate this blend. The warm, greedy style of Collection is there thanks to the great maturity of the most recent harvest: 2018. But the freshness, energy and complexity of the Réserve Perpétuelle created in 2012 as well as the woody grain of the Réserves Foudres stretch and lengthen the material to give it finesse and persistence!

    Food & champagne pairings
    Ideal operating temperature

    Serve between 10 and 11 °C

    Potential of keeping

    Collection is a deep and nuanced wine that can be enjoyed now or after a few years of ageing.

    Assembly :
    42% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, 18% Meunier. The specificities of the Collection 243 blend: The perpetual reserve created in 2012, now enriched with the 2017 harvest, which represents 31% of the blend. The reserve wines matured in wood, supplemented by 2017 wines matured in wood, which represent 10% of the blend. The successes of the 2018 harvest, a masterful year characterised by Pinot Noirs with magnificent grain and texture (40%), dense and saline Chardonnays (42%) and intensely fruity Meuniers (18%), which represent 59% of the blend.
    Vinification :
    Collection is based on a selection of plots chosen from the heart of the Champagne terroir, adapted to its identity, with priority given to sustainable viticultural practices. In order to bring freshness even further, and to balance the beautiful maturity of the harvests, Louis Roederer Collection is composed of a “Réserve Perpétuelle” which brings new sensations, both tactile and gustatory: the wine thus finds more breadth, depth, substance and relief; its more enveloping, fleshy texture increases its complexity. In parallel with this Réserve Perpétuelle, the House has greatly increased the proportion of reserve wines in wood, which judiciously balance the freshness of the Réserve Perpétuelle and give intensity to the blend. Collection thus gains in modernity and complexity, adorning itself with all the virtues of a great champagne. Louis Roederer Collection 243 is made from the year’s successes (2018 harvest for the 243rd Collection blend), from the Réserve Perpétuelle, created in 2012, which brings freshness and complexity, and from a wide selection of reserve wines aged in wood, the House’s signature style. Louis Roederer prioritises sustainable viticultural practices. The Domaines Louis Roederer grapes are complemented by grapes from selected “Coeur de Terroir” plots from partner winemakers.
    Dosage :
    8 g/liter

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