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The ideal temperature for drinking champagne?

The ideal temperature for drinking champagne?

Not too chilled, but not too warm… the temperature at which you drink your champagnes is very important to enjoy your “champagne moment”!

The ideal freschness?

Generally speaking, the ideal temperature for drinking a Brut Champagne as an aperitif is between 6° and 9°C. As it warms up in the glass, it is best drunk between 8 and 12°C.

Below these temperatures, the champagne is too cold and will have an anesthetic effect on the taste buds, as the cold limits the aromatic perception. Above 10°C, on the other hand, the champagne may seem much less lively, and the bubbles will be larger.

Everything depends on the type of Champagne and the tasting moment

For some cuvées, such as vintage champagnes, rosés and prestige cuvées, the ideal tasting temperature may be higher in order to reveal the rich and complex aromas of these champagnes, especially when the cuvée is served with a meal. In this case, you can serve the champagne between 10° and 12° C, or even 11° and 13°C for certain cuvées.


How to chill your champagne?

We recommend cooling your champagne in an ice bucket, it’s more elegant! Place the bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice. Within 20-30 minutes your champagne will reach the ideal serving temperature.

You can also chill your champagne in the bottom of the fridge, lying down, for about 4 hours.

practices to be avoided

Above all, do not chill your champagne in the freezer, at the risk of completely annihilating the aromas… champagne is a sensitive and delicate product that you must respect!

It is also not advisable to chill the serving glasses in the refrigerator or to freeze the glasses before serving the champagne into them, by spinning ice cubes or crushed ice for example, as this can alter the qualities of the wine.

Enjoy your wine!