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The Ruinart House celebrates its 292th anniversary, champagne!

The Ruinart House celebrates its 292th anniversary - Magazine Champmarket

Born in the Enlightenment in a world of ideas, exchanges and culture, the Ruinart Champagne House has been striving for 292 years to anticipate the evolution of society. On the occasion of its anniversary, explore the milestones in the history of a visionary House.


On September 1, after Dom Ruinart heard about the emerging craze for a new “bubbly wine”, Nicolas Ruinart drew up the founding statement for the first Champagne House.


Ruinart was the first Champagne House to market a rosĂ© champagne, then called “oeil de perdrix”, in reference to its pale pink colour.


The champagne business becomes prosperous. For the first time in history, Ruinart ships its bottles in wooden cases.

The Ruinart family had the intuition that the CrayĂšres, underground chalk galleries in the Champagne region, offered optimal conditions for wine maturation. Ruinart was the first House to set up its cellars there, which are still in use to date.


Ruinart ordered its first advertising campaign from the emerging artist Alphonse Mucha. The advertisement was a great success and deeply marked the relationship between Ruinart and art.


Ruinart breaks with the tradition of individual boxes and goes further in its environmental contribution. Eco-designed, the new second-skin box, 100% paper and entirely recyclable, offers a more sustainable way to discover the House’s cuvĂ©es.

*Source Ruinart House