Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Alexandra Rosé 2004 Wooden Case Magnum (1.5L) | Box

Created in 1987 by Bernard de Nonancourt for the wedding of his eldest daughter Alexandra, Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Alexandra Rosé 2004 Magnum Wooden Case embodies with magnificence and lyricism the spirit of Laurent-Perrier, its panache and its excellence.

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    Cuvée Alexandra Rosé 2004 Wooden Case

    Unique in its production and exceptional in its noble character, the Grande Cuvée Alexandra Rosé has a multiple personality, drawing its incomparable expression from the vinosity of the great Pinot Noirs of Champagne and the sharp minerality of the best Chardonnays.

    The Grande Cuvée Alexandra Rosé Millésime 2004 by Laurent-Perrier reveals both a generous and opulent character.

    The shape of the bottle is unique and worthy of the master glassmakers of the 17th century. Unique in the curve of its shoulders and the elegance of its slender swan neck, this bottle reinvents the mouth-blown bottles that contained the very first champagne wines at the court of the King of France. As for its label, inspired by the first cuvée launched in 1982, it is adorned in powdered gold.

    Its uniquely curved and elegant bottle is housed in a luxurious wooden box, a veritable showcase for this great wine, ideal for special occasions and gifts.

    The Magnum format is a large 1.5 litres bottle, which represents 2 bottles of champagne or 12 glasses.

    Tasting Notes

    Currant and raspberry tones. A diaphanous pink amber illuminates the crystal cup enhanced by persistent and fine bubbles.

    On the nose, aromas of candied citrus fruits, deep and greedy, are exhaled before blossoming in the mouth.

    A sensation of great minerality structures the palate, the wine diffuses its tension and then allows the perception of a succession of flavours: sweet spices, metallic nuances, acidulous fruits, dried roses... A complexity indeed, but one in which the senses never lose the thread of an unprecedented pleasure. Alexandra Rosé Millésimé reveals its singular personality, at once masculine in its intensity and powerful structure and feminine in the infinite delicacy of its colour and flavours.

    Technical sheet

    Vinification : Only exceptional vintages are deemed worthy of offering a great Cuvée Alexandra Rosé. These rare years are awaited and hoped for... Each harvest is carefully observed and assessed. The quality of the grapes, their sugar concentration, their acidity, their potential to develop, everything is analysed by the Laurent-Perrier Cellar Master. This baroque pearl owes the originality of its profile to a completely original elaboration, a joint maceration of the grapes; the purest fruity aromas are thus exalted. The 2004 vintage: Against all expectations, 2004 reveals both generosity and opulence. Quantity and quality shows up on September: the Champagne beats records. The first tests carried out in the vineyards confirm the health of the vintage. All in all, the specialists recognise 2004 as one of the greatest years of the last two decades.

    Characteristics : In 1982, Bernard de Nonancourt created a great vintage rosé wine of exception through which his passion and the fruit of his experience were expressed. The know-how of the Laurent-Perrier Champagne House, the patient work of the men, their demand for every moment, the best that nature has to offer, the most beautiful grape varieties in perfect maturity, coming from the best crus of Champagne: everything was exceptionally combined. Only the very best years allow this meeting. This vision, initiated by Bernard de Nonancourt, continues to stimulate the excellence displayed by the entire Champagne House during the production of this great cuvée. It is the symbol of an infinite passion for wine, the signature of a style and spirit unique to Champagne.

    Characteristics : 2004

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