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The art of tasting by Ruinart: the ideal serving temperature

The art of tasting by Ruinart

Ever since champagne wines became effervescent (early 17th century), it has been customary to enjoy champagne quite cold, between 6 and 8 degrees. To meet this fashion, Ruinart bottles were presented in elegant little cabinets called “rafraîchissoirs“, or in silver or earthenware buckets filled with water and ice, collected during the winter.

Around 1830, it became fashionable to drink champagne very cold, chilled. Champagne was very sweet. By cooling it down, its sweetness was reduced. The bottle was served in a bucket filled with ice but without water, sometimes even plunged up to the neck in a mixture of crushed ice and potash.
In recent years, we have returned to the habits of the first champagne lovers. The ideal temperature is between 6 and 9 degrees.