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Louis Roederer

Collection 242 Jeroboam (3L) | Box

With Collection, the House of Louis Roederer combines the quest for excellence that has always characterized it with a new breath of freedom, with a unique and constantly renewed goal: to create the best possible wine with each blend. This multi-vintage champagne reveals the power of the blend which expresses itself, year after year, in all the fullness of its genius. Collection is an epicurean champagne: the great multi-millennium wine of the House of Louis Roederer, its most faithful standard!


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    The Collection cuvée opens a new chapter for Louis Roederer, extending the history of Brut Premier while reinventing it.
    The Collection responds to a desire for freedom, to push the quality of multi-millimeter blends even further, to model know-how differently, to rethink gestures in order to anchor the House of Louis Roederer in a new tempo with Nature.
    Each Collection blend thus has its own identity which will reveal itself even more fully with time. The Collection issue will allow all wine lovers, like collectors, to choose their wine according to the degree of youth or maturity they desire and appreciate. The Jeroboam format is a large bottle with a capacity of 3 liters, which represents 4 bottles of champagne or 24 glasses. This large format is ideal for your receptions, dinners and special occasions.
    To the eye

    On the nose

    In the mouth

    Collection opens with notes of white fruit, citrus zest and acacia flower, followed by a light touch of toasted hazelnut, the signature of Chardonnay. The long, pure frame finishes on a very pleasant saline note. Freshness, precision, finesse: this is Collection, a champagne of total evidence, which reveals throughout its tasting complex and precise flavors.

    Food & champagne pairings
    Ideal operating temperature

    10 to 11 °C

    Potential of keeping

    Collection is a deep and nuanced wine that can be enjoyed now or after a few years of aging.

    Assembly :
    40% Chardonnay, 42% Pinot Noir, 18% Meunier.
    Vinification :
    Collection is based on a selection of plots chosen in the heart of the Champagne region, adapted to its identity, with a priority given to sustainable viticultural practices.

    To bring even more freshness and balance the beautiful maturity of the harvest, Collection is composed of a “RĂ©serve PerpĂ©tuelle” which brings new sensations, both tactile and gustatory: the wine thus finds more breadth, depth, substance and relief; its texture more enveloping, more fleshy, increases its complexity.

    Alongside this Réserve Perpétuelle, Louis Roederer has greatly increased the proportion of reserve wines in wood, which judiciously balance the freshness of the Réserve Perpétuelle and give intensity to the blend. The Collection thus gains in modernity, in complexity, adorning itself with all the virtues of a great champagne.

    Collection 242: The 242nd blend of the House since its creation. It is made from 34% Réserve Perpétuelle and 10% reserve wines aged in wood from the 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 vintages. Finally, it is completed by 56% of the successes of the 2017 harvest: mostly Chardonnays, and Pinots Noirs and Meuniers from the Marne Valley.
    Dosage :
    8 g/liter

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