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The art of tasting by Ruinart: popping the cork ?

The art of tasting by Ruinart: popping the cork ? - Champmarket

The rules of etiquette recommend that the cork be controlled and be gently released from the neck, without letting it escape, with discretion.
However, in the Déjeuner d’huîtres, the famous painting by Jean-François de Troy in 1735, the guests marvel at the sight of the foam spouting from the bottle and the cork flying like a rocket! “The cork leaves, we laugh; he hits the ceiling enthused Voltaire in Le Mondain in 1736, a few years after the birth of the Ruinart House.
Thus, champagne lovers have always had a passion for the exuberant and the spectacular! Popping the cork has become a real ritual around champagne.
What if there is no ideal method?
Of these two ways, the explosive and the restrained, each has its reasons. Both will require a bit of grip and a lot of skill… Let’s listen to our preferences and our mood 🙂