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The pleasure of tasting large bottles…

Large Champagne Formats Selection - Champmarket


Which Champagne was served at the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton? Pol Roger’s Brut Réserve, a fine, elegant and fruity cuvée that is as refreshing as it is seductive. There has been a perfect match between this Epernay house and Buckingham Palace since Queen Victoria. Her greatest fan was Sir Winston Churchill, an inveterate lover of the 1928 vintage, exclusively in magnum. “The magnum is perfect for two gentlemen, especially if one of them doesn’t drink,” he said. Today, the magnum is the connoisseur’s bottle. It can be drunk at any time, from dinners with friends to special occasions.


A birth, an engagement, a wedding… who says Champagne Jeroboam says celebration of the beautiful moments of life and gift. It is the most offered bottle. Hence the idea of the houses to make it even more precious and unique by entrusting it to renowned artists to dress it with an exclusive decoration, like a Jeroboam made with gold leaf and signed by Arthus Bertrand for Moët & Chandon in 2012. In homage to the year of the house’s creation, only 1,749 pieces have been produced.


Imagine a shipment of Mathusalem Cordon Rouge going around the world in the footsteps of Commander Charcot… A crazy challenge taken up by G.H.Mumm, which is accompanying the adventurer Mike Horn on this journey and organising lunches in the most unlikely places on the planet, prepared “live” by top chefs. Sylvain Walid has created a menu around this cult vintage on a Greenland iceberg, Gérard Boyer among the Antarctic sea lions, Mauro Colagreco on the coral reef and Alain Passard in the Mongolian steppe…


No parties, no nights without it… Who celebrates the Cannes festival or the Césars? Who hosts the parties at the VIP Room and the Arc? Balthazar of course! In each spot of the Côte d’Azur, this summer, Balthazar will have his own introduction ritual which will inspire people to animate their own parties, the trend being either music hall or R’n’B. The trend is either music hall or R’n’B. He enters the stage with Bengal fires to the sound of Mama Mia, or appears in a golden cage to the rhythm of Beyoncé or Shakira. Balthazar is definitely the bottle for all parties.


Up to the Melchisédech (forty bottles) and its 30 litres of effervescence, the Drappier Champagne House produces all the formats, but has initiated other even more imposing ones for the pleasure of its customers who love such monuments. And above all, it is the only one to age its Cuvée Or Brut in these extraordinary bottles. And that for three years. Quite a performance! It takes two people to turn the 52 kilos of Melchisedech by a quarter, by hand, on special desks. Drappier has an ever-increasing demand for the Melchisedech but only produces a few pieces. It is preferable to drink it immediately unless it can be kept in a storage area that has the same conservation qualities as the Champagne cellars.