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The art of tasting by Ruinart: Ice Bucket or fridge?

The art of tasting by Ruinart - Champmarket

Sophisticated and elegant ritual of the champagne bucket, with its ice and water! Traditionally, the bucket is filled with 30 to 50% ice and the rest water. In just 20 minutes, the champagne will be at the ideal temperature for tasting. Good to know: if you are in a hurry, adding two handfuls of coarse salt to the water will speed up the process.
If you don’t have a bucket, you can of course chill the champagne in the fridge, choosing the cold zone according to the freshness you want. Place the bottle lying down to ensure an homogeneous temperature. Be careful with this method, because it takes at least 2h30 for one bottle, or more if there are more bottles.
Above all, avoid the freezer… This method takes longer than the bucket (40 minutes) and is much more risky, as the bottle may simply explode!