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Discover new perfect pairings with the Rare vintage 2008 cuvée

Perfect pairings with the Rare vintage 2008 - Champmarket Magazine

Rare Champagne offers us two perfect food and champagne pairings with the Rare Vintage 2008 Champagne : the appetizer Oyster, ginger and lemon, and the course made of Italian salad, goat cheese and fresh nuts. Discover these delicious recipes…

Appetizer : oyster, ginger and lemon

Ingredients :

Oyster – Ginger, Lemon – Sugar, Agar agar – Olive oil.

Preparation :

1. Boil 50gr lemon juice with 25gr water, 15gr sugar and 3 gr agar agar.

2. Cool and mix with olive oil.

3. Open the oysters and roll them in this jelly.

4. Sprinkle with fine ginger julienne and coriander leaves.

5. Serve chilled.

Course : Italian salad, goat cheese and fresh nuts

Ingredients :

Treviso salad – Sherry, Walnut oil – Castelfranco salad, Fresh goat cheese with pepper – Nuts.

Preparation :

1. Caramelize a piece of treviso lettuce and deglaze with sherry, compote it well and then blend it with walnut oil.

2. Arrange in the bottom of the plate

3. Fry half hearts of castelfranco salad over high heat

4. Work a fresh goat cheese with pepper and arrange freshly peeled walnuts.


Source Rare Champagne