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The latest addition to the POP family, Pommery Gold POP Vintage joins POP, Pink POP and Silver POP. With its golden lacquered color, Pommery Gold POP Vintage is the latest little gem of the brand.


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    Gold POP Vintage

    Its quarter-bottle format (0.20 liter) is ideal for your private and professional events, an aperitif or a party. It is also an ideal gift, a small attention that always pleases.

    Tasting Notes

    Its color is a beautiful, resplendent and luminous yellow-green, revealing a wine of great and beautiful delicacy, allowing these infinitely small bubbles to twirl and brighten up and take pleasure in blooming in the glass.

    What a pleasure to smell the aromas of this Champagne, where the scents of woodland flowers and notes of peach and frangipane are intermingled. All this suggests that we are entering the world of delicacy and the infinitely fine. Behind this nice presence and natural fatness the vivacity of the wine gives it a very nice tension.

    All that was revealed to us on the nose is found without surprise in the mouth where everything is well arranged in its place, the floral notes refine the wine, the citric notes energize it, the white peach notes complexify it, and the red berry notes establish it. A wine of great and beautiful freshness that can only be appreciated. Enter his world without hesitation, you will only ask to stay there.

    Technical sheet

    Characteristics : Pommery POP has become an international cult brand. Since 1999, POP has established itself in Paris, London, New York... and today on all continents. Pommery has opened up a previously non-existent market by creating the POP collection: quarter-bottles of Champagne with a design and taste adapted to the younger generation.

    Characteristics : 2015

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