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Drappier Exceptional Vintage 2017 Bottle (0.75L) | Naked Bottle

Drappier Vintage Exception 2017 is a powerful, rich and complex champagne, the expression of a great year.
“The portrait of 2017, suspended in time, rich and delicate.”


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    The idea of the Exceptional Vintage is to put a season under glass. Beyond the wine, there is in this vintage, the climate of a remarkable, exceptional year. The terroir fades in front of the four seasons.
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    The Drappier vineyard covers 100 hectares and represents the essential asset of the Champagne House’s vintages. Since 1808, the family has been able to select particularly well exposed and extremely chalky parcels, mostly located around Urville, where the Pinot Noir, which is in the majority, finds its most beautiful expression and allows the production of very elegant aromatic wines.
    To the eye

    On the nose

    A very complex and rich nose where notes of citrus fruits, bread, hazelnuts and almonds are mixed.

    In the mouth

    A touch of vanilla attests to the high proportion of Chardonnay, while the depth of Pinot Noir is expressed in aromas of blackcurrant, red fruits and vinosity.

    Food & champagne pairings

    Ideal as an aperitif. Perfect with veal blanquette, risotto, chicken fricassee or sole a la plancha.

    Ideal operating temperature

    Serve at 7°C.

    Potential of keeping

    Like all wines, champagne can be kept for varying lengths of time, depending on the type. Under optimal storage conditions, champagne can be kept for 1 to 2 years for Brut cuvées, and up to 4/5 years or even longer for vintage and prestige champagnes. Whatever happens, rest assured that you'll never be able to open your champagne too early, as the Champagne Houses only release their cuvées when they have reached perfect ripeness and are ready for immediate consumption.

    Assembly :
    66% Pinot Noir, 34% Chardonnay.
    Vinification :
    Chalky soil and chalk.

    Jurassic limestone soil


    Sustainable cultivation

    Press with a very low pressure plate

    First press

    Vinification by gravity

    Natural settling

    Malolactic fermentation


    Very little sulfite

    AGEING: 100% aged in barrels before bottling. 4 years of aging on lees.
    Dosage :
    5,5 g/liter

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